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Did you know?

Hello Folks

Facts time is always fun time…

  1. For more than 10 years, Shumbashaba has quietly, and tirelessly offered formerly disadvantaged people from Diepsloot (an ever growing sprawling township north of Johannesburg) access to its equine assisted therapeutic programs?
  2. Shumbashaba – Horses Helping People programs are recognized locally and internationally?
  3. Shumbashaba’s therapeutic riding program emerged as a result of Sharon Boyce’s love for horses and people, and the desire to find a way to marry the two?
  4. Shumbashaba’s contributions lie in two key areas – the first is a therapeutic riding program – this is an umbrella term and includes hippotherapy, sport and recreational riding for people with special needs; and the second offers a ground-based experiential growth and learning using the EAGALA model (
  5. The ground based personal development program is short-term, affecting real change by showing youngsters a different way of relating with others, our environment and ourselves through teaching awareness, integrity, respect and trust?
  6. Shumbashaba has made the change from a voluntary organization to a registered non-profit trust?
  7. Shumbashaba has established and implemented educational programs utilizing horses?

Get a head start right now and look out for more fun facts!

By Jacky du Plessis

The Power of Horses to Help People

Welcome to Shumbashaba’s blogging community! A platform where our readers get to hear our stories from the horses’ mouth. We’re a community of people and horses that “reach out and positively touch the lives of a great many through our horses helping people programs.” Like any other community, we’ve endless stories to tell – ours are stories about horses making a difference in the lives of people from disadvantaged communities. These are stories worth telling and sharing!

Why don’t you put on your helmet, jodhpurs, riding boots and saddle up before I tell you where it all started?

I don’t think I actually started Shumbashaba; it found me. It became the expression of my love for people and horses. At every turn of my life, when things have happened and aspects of the program have been born, it has been because I sensed that this was the right thing for me to do. Between 1991 and 2011 the Shumbashaba program was relatively small and revolved around me. As it grew I began to realize the reality of this was that should I no longer be around the program would stop. I felt responsible to ensure that this program would endure and continue to help people into the future. So I had a sense of being called to consider the legacy I wished to leave behind me. It was then that I began the process of establishing the Shumbashaba Community Trust. Today the Trust isn’t about me, it’s so much bigger – it’s about the people and the communities it serves.

               –Sharon Boyce (Founder of Shumbashaba Community Trust)

Before sharing our stories with you we all need to understand that horses are exceptional animals and share a long history with man, playing a key role in building empires, transportation, advancing agriculture, as well as sports and recreation. At Shumbashaba these special animals continue to contribute to the well-being of man by helping us to find meaning and purpose in life through a variety of programs – and sometimes simply by sharing the same space. This is an exciting journey for us and one we wish to share with you. Please, come along for the ride as we share our stories, experiences and lessons learnt with you.

And don’t forget, for many people the sound of hooves beating the ground defines freedom!

-Annie Morudu